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Loc Dog - До Небес (2010)
...недавно был пролог к етому Видео, а ето оригинал в полном размере;) http://www.locdog.tv/ комикс: http://locdog.info/index.php?option=com_photoblog&view=images&category=2:com&blog=2:nebes
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Hitler Rap
The music video by Mel Brooks, released in 1983 as part of the soundtrack of the motion picture "To be or not to be". http://www.nerd-boy.net/blog/
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Controller Movement
As written by James Kane for the Black Mesa Dev Blog So instead of using valves flying code, we wrote a our own class to handle the movement for the Alien Controller, Ichthyosaur, Leach, Osprey, Apache, & so on. With an all new fly class we where able to control how we wanted each of these npcs to move through the air and attack. You will find a video below demonstrating the work in progress controller movement with his attacks disabled. As you can see, the controller will be constantly moving around the player to keep the player on his toes. Also, you can note how his hands, feet, and body react toward the direction of flight and speed - he also blends his angles (slightly buggy, but remember its work in progress....). Anyway, the sdk is great with somethings, and other things its a load of blop. Though its what we are using and so we will push it to its limits and carry on kicking ass....
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Edge Detection for Roaches
As written by James Kane for the Black Mesa Dev Blog: I don't expect many to understand why this is without preexisting knowledge of plane/math logic. However, lets just say it lets us find the edge of the plane given a point where all the surface points close to the test point are calculated. In the picture below, the middle bottom circle is where the roach hit the brush, and the other three spots are points located on the other surfaces of the brush. Thus, I'm able to find the edges on the brush or surface, and scream with joy! Oh, and the texture you see or white dots are TEST/Development Textures which will be replaced in the final game. (Yes, the white dots are representing silly roaches) Oh the shrill of having a ton of these guys running about on the map in an overwhelming number should bring plenty of fans screaming "ew!" or "cool!".
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Back to the basics - The Security Guard
As written by Kevin Sisk on the Black Mesa Dev Blog: The character of Barney Calhoun is, without a doubt, a staple of the Half-Life universe. His character represents the average Joe, the layman, the buddy character who will stick by your side thru thick and thin. However this character didn't have as specific an identity as in HL2 when HalfLife 1 came out, especially in terms of having an actual full name. His character is the amalgamation of all the numerous generic security guard NPCs you encountered in HL1, all having the same simplistic appearance and stereotype, with his "name" being lovingly derived from the filename of the original NPC model. Now that "Black Mesa" was coming into existance, and "Barney" is now a specific character, Barney Calhoun, it was time to go back to that basic buddy stereotype that everyone fell in love with and pay homage to it, with perhaps a few differences here and there in order to differentiate the "Black Mesa" security guards from the "Barneys" of HL1, and of course, Barney Calhoun. But not so much to completely deviate from the original stereotype, as you can surely agree that a complete reinterpretation from scratch would be considered a sin. So the question is, "what makes this character what it is?" When I look at the "Barneys" of HL1, I see the following traits: Loyal, laid back, a brother on the battlefield, however a tiny bit insecure. Because of this he tries at times to act a little macho in order to compensate, resulting in looking like a dork 1/3 of the time. In fact if given the choice, he'd probably head in the opposite direction (when no one's looking of course). However when called to duty, no one fights harder at your side. I find I relate to Barney Calhoun a good deal as I'm a laid back easy going person myself in real life with insecurities of my own, and the best characters are usually the ones that everyone can relate to on some level. I suppose the success of a fictional character is giving them the traits that make him/her interesting while balancing them out with those traits that one can relate to. I suspect this concept is what makes the character of Gordon Freeman fairly successful even though he is, for lack of better words, a blank state for players to inhabit. Despite this "vacant" personality, Gordon Freeman still has the set-in-stone traits that I think everyone would like to have; Health, vigour, atheleticism, friendliness(in terms of being approachable, cuz no one seems to ever be scared by the guy), and a strong sense of honor and comradery. Now while the security guards may share these traits to various degrees, I still had to ask myself, "well, what can I do put my own spin on this guard persona while keeping it familiar? The best answer I can give ya is that it sorta involves a little bit of method acting on my part. I try to imagine how I would react if I was this character, so in effect I'm incorporating a little bit of my own personality into it. At the same time I try to remember that certain lines will need that, well, "barney-ism" to it. Cuz, let's face it, some of those classic lines are hard to forget. It's definitely a balancing act. So it's fair to say that the end result's gonna be a 50% me/50% barney-ish type of deal. Hopefully the voice that comes out of this 25 year old North Carolinian's cakehole will do the part justice.
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(RELEASE) Half-Life2: All sounds replaced with my voice
The link: http://tinyurl.com/m8hgxx (I guarantee, this is not a scam, i don't put crap in my videos) Visit my Blog if you want to follow me up on my next projects. http://bigtrase.blogspot.com/ DL links in the end of describtion Describtion: "Half-Life 2: All sounds replaced by my voice" Made by -Trase- aKa Patcher aKa Tr45e Replaces almost all the sounds in the game with my voice (i did not edit any of them, its fresh from the microphone) What i did NOT replace: -Ambient noises like wind. -some zombie voices. -character voices (it would sound dumb). -maybe i missed some minor physics like a trap door hidden somewhere in ravenholm and no one ever opens it. Totally i replaced 1327 sound files. Garrysmod.org - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=79093 Filefront http://www.filefront.com/14548295/MyVoiceSounds.zip/
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WoW on the iPhone
Using Telekinesis. Full article: http://www.everythingdigital.org/weblog/archives/2007/07/wow_on_my_iphon.html To clarify, WoW is running on the MacBook Pro that you see in the beginning. The iPhone just serves as a separate screen and controller connected over the internet. Yes, it is very, very slow. Yes, it is just a series of images. That's how VNC works. The difference is that pieces of these images are dynamically updated as things change on the MacBook Pro's screen, although this process is extremely slow through the iPhone's web browser.
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избавление от жены
избавление от жены
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Braid Walkthrough World 2
A video walkthrough to show you how to grab all the puzzle pieces in World 2. Enjoy! - http://www.gameshark.com/staff-blogs/2353/Braid-Walkthrough-for-World-2.htm -
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Потец 1/2
Based on Alexander Vvedensky's poem "Frother" (1937)(Frother = Father+Sweat; Potets). Father try to explain his sons the meaning of the word Frother in allegorical way. But sons wants the direct response. 1 part - God and his hypostases 2 part - Noah and his three sons 3 part - Jesus Christ and his apostles Full text of "Frother" - http://germspot.blogspot.com/2005/09/aleksandr-vvedensky-p2.html
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Потец 2/2
Based on Alexander Vvedensky's poem "Frother" (1937)(Frother = Father+Sweat; Potets). Father try to explain his sons the meaning of the word Frother in allegorical way. But sons wants the direct response. 1 part - God and his hypostases 2 part - Noah and his three sons 3 part - Jesus Christ and his apostles Full text of "Frother" - http://germspot.blogspot.com/2005/09/aleksandr-vvedensky-p2.html
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Busta Rhymes (Feat. Ron Browz) - Arab Money
http://teddysmusic.blogspot.com/ Official Video For Arab Money By Busta Rhymes Feat. Ron Browz
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BABYSHAMBLES - French Dog Blues
Le nouveau clip de Babyshambles extrait de l'album "shotter's nation" http://www.shottersnation.com/blog/ Directed by David Mullett (MULLETT.TV) Featuring illustration by Neal Fox and LE GUN's Shop of Curiosities (legun.co.uk)
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Гитлеру доложили о продажах iPhone 3G в России
Idea and realization by Andrey Son -- Blog: http://son799.livejournal.com -- E-Mail: son@seunimdo.org == Created on Macintosh :-)
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Дедовщина в армии, березка
http://armyblog.ru Все самое интересное о службе в армии
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