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Blastromen live @ Leipzig: Intro & Blasteroids
Blastromen live @ Leipzig/Germany: Intro & Blasteroids 4/APR/2010 Presented by Blackred
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Blastromen live @ Leipzig: Concealed ancient alien dynasty
Blastromen live @ Leipzig/Germany: Concealed ancient alien dynasty 4/APR/2010 Presented by Blackred
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Россия - Германия 2:1 Hockey-2010 Russia vs Germany Хоккей
Чемпионат мира-2010 Россия - Германия 2:1 Василий Кошечкин, GOC ( Shutz , Ehrhoff ), Малкин ( Гончар, Ковальчук ), Дацюк World Championship-2010 Köln Hockey Хоккей-2010
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George Corpsegrinder Fisher talks about growling
George Fisher in germany talking about growling, with tobias from the "german idol" show singing contest, (tobias sang "I Will Kill You" in front of the judges at 2006) Pm me for more cannibal corpse vidz!
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1945 Victory Parade in Color (2)
Part 2 of the 1945 Victory Parade video in Color. Translation: From tribune of the Mausoleum, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Zhukov made a speech to the troops of the Red Army, to the workers, to collective farmers, the intelligence, to all workers of the Soviet Union: "The Great Patriotic War is over! We achieved a Victory over the Fascist Germany which history never knew before! We were victorious because we were lead to Victory by our Great Leader and Brilliant General, Marshal of the Soviet Union - Stalin!" Victorious Soldiers carried past the mausoleum their combat banners, blessed by the immortal fame of numerous victories. The best people of the front: pilots, tankers, cavalrymen, infantrymen. Russian infantry, the descendants of the Suvorov Eagles. They persistently beat enemy, to the end, according to all the rules of the Stalin Warfare science. To be continued.
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Eurovision 2009 Georgia Stefane & 3G We don't wanna put in
Georgia has decided to pull out of the Moscow Eurovision Song Contest after the contest organiser, the European Broadcasting Union, offered Georgia to either re-write its song lyrics or to submit another song. "We will not go to Moscow and will not take part in Eurovision 2009," said Natia Uznadze, a producer of Georgian public television, who is responsible for Georgia's Eurovision entry. official song Stefane & 3G We dont wanna put in eurovision georgia 2009 ...
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Sunrise Avenue - Fairytale Gone Bad

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