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AySel - Fallin'
New Song from AySel Honors: #12 - Most Viewed (Today - Dec 30, 2009) - Music - Russia #5 - Most Viewed (Today - Dec 31, 2009) - Music - Russia #37 - Most Viewed (Today - Dec 31, 2009) - Russia #36 - Most Viewed (Today - Jan 1, 2010) - Russia #6 - Most Viewed (Today - Jan 1, 2010) - Music - Russia #90 - Most Viewed (Today - Jan 1, 2010) - Music #96 - Most Viewed (Today - Jan 1, 2010) - Music - Sweden #46 - Most Viewed (This Week - Jan 4, 2010) - Music - Russia I never want to be all alone Never go away I found the only place where I belong Boy, you know just what to say You're the only one that holds the keys To unlock my doors So open up the gates and set me free And I'll love you even more We're fallin' together I'm callin' your name forever So take me to heaven Tell me I'm yours forever We're fallin', caress me Touch me and say you love me So take me to heaven And tell me I'm yours forever Could you be the only one for me Tell me what you feel I want you to be honest and for real Let's kiss and close the deal How can I be the one that makes you smile Lights your face up like the sun My love is innocent just like a child Let me be the only one We're fallin' together I'm callin' your name forever So take me to heaven Tell me I'm yours forever We're fallin', caress me Touch me and say you love me So take me to heaven And tell me I'm yours forever If only you would come to realize We are made just for eachother And we can make it work and last forever... We're fallin' together I'm callin' your name forever So take me to heaven Tell me I'm yours forever We're fallin', caress me Touch me and say you love me So take me to heaven And tell me I'm yours forever
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NeoN: HEALBOT // tf2 medic movie
THERE IS VERSION 2 OF THE MOVIE WITH EDITED COLOR CORRECTION. Full rendered version (240 mb, .wmv): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5KX8EJS8 Quality Preview (30 mb, 25 seconds, same quality): http://rghost.net/654957 The first movie has finally reached its release date. Original resolution: 1280x720 Size: 240 mb Codec: wmv, 68% quality Lengh: 5:04 I used quantum movie config. Songs: Agata Christi - Chudesa Slipknot - My Plague (abuse mix) Amy MacDonald - Let's start a band Programs: Sony Vegas 9.0 Adobe Photoshop 8.0 Thanks for attention. steam community link http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197972307178 2000 views on first link You are welcome to critisize me and to give advices.
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Back to the basics - The Security Guard
As written by Kevin Sisk on the Black Mesa Dev Blog: The character of Barney Calhoun is, without a doubt, a staple of the Half-Life universe. His character represents the average Joe, the layman, the buddy character who will stick by your side thru thick and thin. However this character didn't have as specific an identity as in HL2 when HalfLife 1 came out, especially in terms of having an actual full name. His character is the amalgamation of all the numerous generic security guard NPCs you encountered in HL1, all having the same simplistic appearance and stereotype, with his "name" being lovingly derived from the filename of the original NPC model. Now that "Black Mesa" was coming into existance, and "Barney" is now a specific character, Barney Calhoun, it was time to go back to that basic buddy stereotype that everyone fell in love with and pay homage to it, with perhaps a few differences here and there in order to differentiate the "Black Mesa" security guards from the "Barneys" of HL1, and of course, Barney Calhoun. But not so much to completely deviate from the original stereotype, as you can surely agree that a complete reinterpretation from scratch would be considered a sin. So the question is, "what makes this character what it is?" When I look at the "Barneys" of HL1, I see the following traits: Loyal, laid back, a brother on the battlefield, however a tiny bit insecure. Because of this he tries at times to act a little macho in order to compensate, resulting in looking like a dork 1/3 of the time. In fact if given the choice, he'd probably head in the opposite direction (when no one's looking of course). However when called to duty, no one fights harder at your side. I find I relate to Barney Calhoun a good deal as I'm a laid back easy going person myself in real life with insecurities of my own, and the best characters are usually the ones that everyone can relate to on some level. I suppose the success of a fictional character is giving them the traits that make him/her interesting while balancing them out with those traits that one can relate to. I suspect this concept is what makes the character of Gordon Freeman fairly successful even though he is, for lack of better words, a blank state for players to inhabit. Despite this "vacant" personality, Gordon Freeman still has the set-in-stone traits that I think everyone would like to have; Health, vigour, atheleticism, friendliness(in terms of being approachable, cuz no one seems to ever be scared by the guy), and a strong sense of honor and comradery. Now while the security guards may share these traits to various degrees, I still had to ask myself, "well, what can I do put my own spin on this guard persona while keeping it familiar? The best answer I can give ya is that it sorta involves a little bit of method acting on my part. I try to imagine how I would react if I was this character, so in effect I'm incorporating a little bit of my own personality into it. At the same time I try to remember that certain lines will need that, well, "barney-ism" to it. Cuz, let's face it, some of those classic lines are hard to forget. It's definitely a balancing act. So it's fair to say that the end result's gonna be a 50% me/50% barney-ish type of deal. Hopefully the voice that comes out of this 25 year old North Carolinian's cakehole will do the part justice.
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