Nicky Dungeons - Lets Go Back !! Acid House

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Добавлено: 16-02-2009
Добавил: Dashku (Отправить ЛС)
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So here we are.

20 years since we wore that baggy outfit and 20 years since we chanted lets go radio rental!
Its been 20 years since we tuned into our pirate radios to find the latest acid house rave and its been 20 years since we followed those convoys around or went to our local rave.

To celebrate this moment in time I've put together a little mash up of video and Acid house records from the 1988 1989 era. Enjoy this mix as I blast through countless oldskool classics.

I was lucky enough to work and DJ in the legendary venue called the Dungeons back in 88 - 89 when I was a kid as me uncle owned it. The venue hosted many wicked rave partys back in the day and I'm proud I was part of it. There's a little montage in the video of old Dungeons flyers from 1988 and 1989. Sadly I could not find any video clips of the Dungeons itself in the short time I put this together so I used most of the clips from other rave parties like Sunrise 89 and Energy. Maybe this will happen on the remix of this.

Starts with Strings Of Life and ends with Strings Of Life....


Nicky Dungeons


Tune mixed together using MED 1.7A
(Free download at www.medsoundstudio.com)

Also a massive shout out to all the DJs, Ravers, Promoters, Producers and everyone else who made that era such a speical time. Salute! :)

Full Track Listing -

Strings Of Life - Rhythm Is Rhythm (Transmat 1987)
Meltdown - Quartz (Itm Music 1989) Club Mix
Sercurity - The Beat Club (Bass Records 1988) Club Mix
Jesus Loves The Acid - Ecstasy Club (Swordfish 1988) Acid Chant
Lack Of Love - Charles B (Desire Records 1988) House Mix
Dreamgirl - Pierres Fantasy Club (Jack Trax 1988)
Acid Thunder - Fast Eddie (DJ International 1988) AA AAACID Mix
I Like It - Landlord (BigShot Records 1989)Blow Out Dub
Bring Forth The Guillotine - Silver Bullet (Tam Tam 1989)
Make My Body Rock - Jomanda (Big Beat1988) Supremely Clubbed Mix
I Need A Rhythm - 28 St Crew (Vendetta Records 1989) Vocal Club Mix
Respect - Adeva
Another Time, Another Place - Loony Tunes Vol 1 (XL Recordings 1989) Club Mix
Let It Roll - Doug Lazy (Grove St 1988) Lazypella
The Phantom - Renegade Soundwave (Mute Records LTD 1989) Original Full Length Version
Ozone Breakdown - Renegade Soundwave (Mute Records LTD 1989) Original Version
Listen To The Rhythim Flow - Frankie Bones (Forth Floor Records 1989) Flowing Beats Mix
Salsa House - Riche Rich (FFRR Records LTD 1989) Silver On Black Remix / Break It On Down sample
Al-Naafiysh, The Soul - Hashim (Cutting records 1983)
Dont Scandalize Mine - Sugar Bear (Coslit Records 1988) Vocal Mix
The Real Life - Corporation Of One (Desire Records 1989)
Come Get My Loving - Dionne (Bigshot 1989) Remix
Voodo Ray - A Guy Called Gerald (RHAM! recs 1989) Original Mix
Baby Let Me Love You For Tonight - Kayrina (Sleeping Bag Records USA 1988) Acapella
The Morning After - Fallout (Forth Floor Records 1987) The Aftermath Mix
The Theme - Unique 3 (10 Records LTD 1989) Unique Mix
Love Will Find A Way - Victor Romero
Can You Feel It - Fingers INC feat Check Roberts (Desire Records LTD 1988) Acapella
Funky Zulu - The Moody Boys (CityBeat / Beggers Banquet 1989) Refreshing Mix
Street Tuff - Double Trouble feat Rebel MC (Desire Records 1989) Scar Mix
ILL House You - Richie Rich Meets Jungle Brothers (Gee St records 1988) Housepella
Techno - 3rd Bass
Humanoid - Stakka (Westside Records LTD 1988) The Omen Mix
Somebody In The House Say Yeah - 2 In A Room (Cutting Records 1987) Club House Mix
Mental - Manic MCs (RCA 1989)
Monkey Say, Monkey Do - Westbam (Doctor Beat 1989) German beat Mix
And The Break Goes Acid - Bones Breaks Vol 2 (Underworld Records 1988) Get Right On One Matey sample
Maggies Last Stand - Viz
Everything Starts With A E - EZ Posse
The Sound - Kevin Saunderson (KMS Records 1987) Power Remix
Cocaine - The Maxx (CIM 1988
The Dance - Rhythim Is Rhythim (Transmat 1987) Living Room Mix
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