Controller Movement

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Добавлено: 28-09-2009
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As written by James Kane for the Black Mesa Dev Blog

So instead of using valves flying code, we wrote a our own class to handle the movement for the Alien Controller, Ichthyosaur, Leach, Osprey, Apache, & so on. With an all new fly class we where able to control how we wanted each of these npcs to move through the air and attack. You will find a video below demonstrating the work in progress controller movement with his attacks disabled. As you can see, the controller will be constantly moving around the player to keep the player on his toes. Also, you can note how his hands, feet, and body react toward the direction of flight and speed - he also blends his angles (slightly buggy, but remember its work in progress....). Anyway, the sdk is great with somethings, and other things its a load of blop. Though its what we are using and so we will push it to its limits and carry on kicking ass....
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