Edge Detection for Roaches

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Добавлено: 28-09-2009
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As written by James Kane for the Black Mesa Dev Blog:

I don't expect many to understand why this is without preexisting knowledge of plane/math logic. However, lets just say it lets us find the edge of the plane given a point where all the surface points close to the test point are calculated. In the picture below, the middle bottom circle is where the roach hit the brush, and the other three spots are points located on the other surfaces of the brush.

Thus, I'm able to find the edges on the brush or surface, and scream with joy! Oh, and the texture you see or white dots are TEST/Development Textures which will be replaced in the final game. (Yes, the white dots are representing silly roaches)

Oh the shrill of having a ton of these guys running about on the map in an overwhelming number should bring plenty of fans screaming "ew!" or "cool!".
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